OneSpan Sign Print Driver OneSpan Sign Print Driver

OneSpan Sign Print Driver

Quickly send documents out for signing from any Windows-based application – No coding required

NDA tap to sign document

Don't Print To Paper

Easily send documents directly to OneSpan Sign from any application on your computer

The Print Driver acts like a printer and prepares any printable document for electronic signatures. If you’re able to print from your 3rd party application, you can use the OneSpan Sign Print Driver to capture electronic signatures. Available at no extra charge to all OneSpan Sign customers.

Applications that can connect to the Print Driver:

  • Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Office 365
  • Google Docs
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • And much more
E-Signature Capabilities


Our pre-built connector for Print Driver is available as part of the OneSpan Sign Professional Plan and comes packed with 25 years of best-in-class e-signature capabilities to ensure:

  • Most seamless signing experience to ensure high user adoption
  • Military-grade security to protect your documents and users against fraud
  • Most comprehensive audit trails to prove your compliance and deter legal disputes
  • Maximum flexibility and scalability to grow with your evolving enterprise needs
  • A cost-effective solution regardless of your user and document volumes

How it Works

  • How it works for senders - Print Driver

    SELECT AND SEND: select “Send to OneSpan Sign” from your application’s print menu after installing the Print Driver locally on you desktop. Log in with your OneSpan Sign credentials and name your transaction

  • How it works for senders - Print Driver

    PREPARE & SEND DOCUMENTS: Apply an existing layout to the document to automatically add pre-defined signature blocks and data fields.

  • How it works for senders - Print Driver

    TRACK STATUS: Monitor the status of all documents to be signed via the dashboard. The sender is also notified by email when each signer has signed the document and when the document is ready to download.

  • How it works for signers - Print Driver

    SIGNING INVITATION: The signer receives an email invitation to sign the document. The signer can use any device and sign anywhere and at any time using OneSpan Sign's optimized signing experience for all channels. For added security, the signer may be asked to authenticate their identity before accessing the document if requested by the sender.

  • How it works for signers - Print Driver

    REVIEW & SIGN: The signer is guided to sign, initial and enter additional signing information in all the right places in the document. Once signed, the document is automatically routed back to the sender, or to the next person who must sign the document.

  • How it works for signers - Print Driver

    REVIEW & SIGN: The signer is emailed a link to the completed document once every person has signed. All signers then receive an invitation to download the final document. Mobile app users also have the option to save documents to a cloud storage service.

How it works - administrators - Print Drive

ADMIN FEATURES: Enables system administrators to sort transactions, create re-usable templates, manage accounts, configure role-based signing rules through groups and permissions, Add optional features like Bulk Send and Fast Track and more.

Customer Testimonials

  • The strongest feature of [OneSpan Sign] is the flexibility of the platform. There are many options to configure and tailor the experience to the customer’s needs. And the integration / connectors make it really easy for user to get up and running.

    — Andrew S, US Bank

  • [OneSpan Sign] listens to our suggestion for future product features and works with us to ensure their enhancements support our needs.

    — David Beaton, Sr. Manager, Digital Strategy and Experience, RBC Royal Bank

  • We purchased [OneSpan Sign] for tracking and evidence of electronic document delivery. The benefits we’ve experienced are customer convenience, cost-savings, and an improved loan process.

    — Wells Fargo